When Should Well Water Be Tested?

Healthy Drinking water In KissimmeeIf your family’s drinking water comes from a private well, it’s important to have your water tested regularly. Listed below are 12 times we recommend you have your drinking water tested:

  1. Immediately if you have no recent test results or any record of previous tests.
  2. Annually for bacteria and for nitrates if you live in an agricultural area or have an on-site septic system. The best time to perform these annual tests is in the spring.
  3. Whenever you notice any change in the taste, color or odor of your water.
  4. Once a year in special situations: someone in the household is pregnant or nursing and if there’s an infant under the age of six months.
  5. When there’s an unexplained illness in the family.
  6. When your neighbors find a dangerous contaminant in their water.
  7. When there is a spill of chemicals or fuels into or near your well.
  8. After disinfection, within one or two weeks, to make sure the water is pure.
  9. After maintenance or repair work on your well.
  10. After any flooding in or near the well, to determine if flood water carried bacteria or other contaminants into the well system.
  11. Before installing any water treatment device.
  12. Annually after your water treatment system is installed to ensure the system is working properly.

With almost 20 years treating Central Florida’s well water, Sci-Chem has seen nearly every water issue possible and understand the most effective solutions. Whether its Osceola County, South Orange County or North East Polk County we can solve your water challenge efficiently. We install pumps, pressure tanks and all the filtration required to give you the finest quality of water possible. Each well water customer has a specific need, so we analyize, strategize and make recommendations specific to your need.

Sci-Chem also services and repairs nearly all types of well water equipment. We repair or replace pumps, loss of water or water pressure issues, and any water quality issues you may be having. We have well water systems maintenance programs and deliver salt monthly. Ask about our affordable preventative maintenance monthly service.

Would you like to learn more about the importance of water testing? Call Sci-Chem Water Treatment at (407) 957-2546 or contact us for a Free Water Analysis and Estimate.


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