Well Water Treatment in Central Florida

ironandmanganeseMany Central Florida residents live in beautiful rural areas and use private wells to provide water to their home. Although we are fortunate to have a plentiful source of ground water in Florida, residents who maintain a private well are challenged with some unique water issues.

In Central Florida, there are several common water problems that can be identified just by smelling, tasting, or observing the residue left behind by well water. However, there are many more possible problems that have no flavor, odor, or taste including toxic substances.

The most common and widespread contaminants in Florida’s ground water are bacteria, nitrates and lead. Other chemicals like pesticides such as ethylene dibromide (EDB) have also been detected in water wells within citrus growing areas. Routine testing by an experienced and knowledgeable water treatment service for these contaminants is strongly recommended to ensure the well water has been assessed accurately.

Sci-Chem, LLC’s staff is trained to perform a comprehensive water test to ensure, clarity, purity and overall safety in your home water supply. With almost 20 years treating Central Florida’s well water, we’ve seen nearly every water issue possible and understand the most effective solutions. Whether its Osceola County, South Orange County or North East Polk County we can solve your water challenge efficiently. We install pumps, pressure tanks and all the filtration required to give you the finest quality of water possible. Each well water customer has a specific need, so we analyize, strategize and make recommendations specific to your need.

Sci-Chem, LLC would like the opportunity to help make life healther, safer and more enjoyable with clean and delicious water for you and your family! Call us at (407) 957-2546 today or visit us at www.sci-chemllc.com.



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