Treating Sulfur Odor in Well Water

hydrogensulfideodorAre you experiencing an odor emminating from your well water? Most often it’s simply the gas form of sulfur called Hydrogen Sulfide, which if present, will vary by well due to the varying geology.

Hydrogen sulfide or “sulfur” tastes and smells like rotten eggs. It is a gas created by decaying vegetation and oil deposits beneath the earth’s surface. Water with hydrogen sulfide discolors coffee, tea, and other beverages and ruins the flavor of cooked food. It is particularly obnoxious in the shower often making the entire house smell foul. Hydrogen Sulfide in water is very aggressive and can dissolve plumbing metals such as iron, steel, copper, and brass and any exposed metal parts in washing machines and other water using appliances. It darkens and discolors silverware; copper, and brass cook wear and utensils.

This is probably the most difficult element of well water to live with as residents of Osceola, Orange and Polk counties! There are many methods of removing sulfur from water. Based on your specific situation Sci-Chem Water Treatment can design the most effective sulfur removal system. We always consider effectiveness and budget when designing a system and make sure that we are communicating efficiently throughout the process!

When you want the very best, a whole house reverse osmosis system installed by Sci-Chem Water Treatment is what you may need.

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