Kids At Risk for Dehydration

Healthy Drinking water In KissimmeeYou are probably aware of all of the benefits of drinking water and remaining sufficiently hydrated to maintain good health. But did you know that more than half the children and teenagers in the United States are not adequately hydrated, according to a nationwide study from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and published in the American Journal of Public Health in June 2015.

Results of the study found that boys were 76% more likely to be inadequately hydrated than girls. The research has also determined that even mild dehydration can not only result in physical ailments such as headaches, irritability and poor physical performance but could reduce cognitive functioning.

Experts recommend that the majority of your children’s fluid intake come from water and the recommended amount increases with age and activity level. It’s best to consult with your family physician to determine the recommended amount of water your children should be consuming daily especially because of our warm climate in Central Florida.

To help your children drink more water daily, Sci-Chem, LLC’s staff is trained to perform a comprehensive water test to ensure, clarity, purity and overall safety in your home. From superior analysis of your water to excellence in installation and customer service, you’ll find your experience with Sci-Chem to be the finest in the industry. Call 407.301.4655 today for your free water analysis.




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