In Search of the Suds!

Close-up of young woman holding containers with shower gel, lotion and liquid soap

Do you often get frustrated when you need to continually reapply soap to your washcloth or body sponge? Do you find that your shampoo or body wash doesn’t provide you with the rich lather you see in those television commercials?  If you answered yes and you’re tired of searching for the suds, the problem is probably not your products, it’s your hard water preventing your products from working to their full potential.

You spend your hard earned money for grooming products and a lot of it is going down the drain, literally. A whole home water softening system is the answer to your search for suds. Hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium react negatively with the ingredients in your products. As a result, you don’t get the rich lather you desire and may feel the need to use more product.

Soft water will not only fix your lather woes, it will protect your plumbing and appliances, too. Sci-Chem Water Treatment is dedicated to providing the highest quality water softening products available on the market today. Engineering excellence, and long-term quality service for our customers at a fair price are our top priorities.

Sci-Chem is a full service water conditioning system provider that installs, maintains and repairs most any water treatment system in Central Florida. We offer Free Water Analysis where applicable. Call 407-301-4655 or simply click here now. 



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