Improve the Taste of Your Water!

tasteWe all need water to survive for our bodies to function properly, but it can be difficult especially when you don’t like the taste of your tap water. Central Florida’s water can be a challenge in the taste category no matter if you have city water or well water.  Sci Chem knows exactly how to deal with bad tasting water and has for many years in Central Florida.

Homeowners with well water will complain about their water being “earthy or musty tasting. These types of complaints are usually the result of compounds released from decaying vegetation and frequently means algae is present in the water. This is not a health issue, but it is absolutely unpleasant to deal with.

A metallic taste to your water can mean that metals like iron, copper, manganese or zinc are present in your water. There are numerous reasons what you will taste metal in your drinking water, so asking a honest and experienced professional water treatment company in Central Florida is imperative.

If you have city water, your water might taste “bleachy” from the chlorine that’s added to remove many impurities and contaminants leading to bad taste and chemical odors.

Sci-Chem, LLC’s staff is trained to perform a comprehensive water test to ensure, clarity, purity and overall safety in your home or business water supply. Our concerns for safety, our environment, our customers, and continuous improvement of our products and services are unequaled in the market place today.

From superior analysis of your water to excellence in installation and customer service, you’ll find your experience with Sci-Chem to be the finest in the industry. Call 407.301.4655 today for your free water analysis.



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