How Your Hard Water Can Damage Your Home And Office Appliances

osceola drinking waterHave you ever looked at the inside of your coffee maker? Chances are you have probably noticed some white scaling building up. It’s also very difficult to remove if you’ve tried. This is limescale and over time it begins to erode the elements that are used to heat the water inside your coffee maker. As this erosion continues, it damages the appliance, eventually leading to it to becoming faulty not working at all or. In this instance, the appliance usually has to be replaced. So off you go to the store  – and if it’s a Keurig, it won’t be cheap.

With this in mind, one can see how money can be saved over time by simply ensuring that our water is softened and that the hardness, or calcium is removed. Not only will you see an extended lifespan on all your water appliances in your home and office, but your hair will also thank you. That same lime scale is depositing over time in your hair and on your skin… not a pleasant thought. Hard water deposits that same scale on everything from shower tiles to bathroom fixtures. We see it everyday and we know how to remedy the problem efficently and effectively.

Contact us today so we can show you what’s in your water, and how Sci Chem can help your water become crystal clear, delicious to the taste and smell pure and refreshing.

We also offer a range of other products and services, including:

• Water purification
• Water filtration
• Reverse osmosis
• And other water systems



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