Hard Water Effects On Your Skin and Hair

Family Water HealthAs water purification and conditioning specialists we understand the effects of poor quality water on your family and your family’s health. Sometimes it’s not just about water taste or odor, sometimes it’s about how the poor water quality affects our bodies, and even our skin or hair.  Perhaps you have a child with a skin condition like ecxema.  If so, it would be wise for you to take a look at the mineral content of your water.

Frequently we see this happen when we find hard water. Hard water is water that has high mineral content. In Central Florida the most common minerals found in our hard water are calcium, iron, zink and magnesium.

Hard water forms scales, not only on the faucet and bathtub floor, but also on your skin and hair. I know that’s uncomfortable to read, but it’s the truth.

Hard Water Effects on Skin and Hair:

1.    Hard water has an alkaline pH. Our skin has a slightly acidic pH value (5.5-5.6).  The basic quality of hard water will thus affect the acidic pH of the skin, and the end result will be skin dryness.

2.    The minerals in hard water make the lathering of soaps difficult, and so may leave residues on your skin. Soap is primarily made with compounds of sodium and potassium, such as sodium stearate. Sodium stearate reacts with the calcium compounds in the water and produces calcium stearate. The main ingredient in soaps is sodium stearate and dissolves in water. However, calcium stearate, which is the compound formed by the combination of hard water and soap does not dissolve. Soaps, usually have a higher pH, and so if left behind forming a film on the skin, together with the mineral deposits in the water, will cause more irritation and dryness.

3.    Eczema is a skin condition where very little , or actually no natural moisture in the skin is found, creating very dry patches and sometimes painful, red inflamed skin irritations.  It’s entirely possible that having hard water in  your home or business means that we use more soaps and shampoos to compensate for the poor water quality which can irritate the skin of those who suffer from eczema.

4.   If you have a teenager or you have sensitive skin yourself, you will relate to this one. The hard water-soap-curd mentioned earlier can clog pores and possibly cause skin infections due to bacteria being trapped in pores beneath the soap build-up. Although we have focused on dry skin, poor water quality can actually affect acne and other similar skin issues.

5.    Hard water is not to be igniored if you care about the appearance of your hair. The mineral and soap deposits can make your hair dry, dull and rough, and your scalp dry and flaky, which shows as dandruff. For those of you who color your hair, both women and men, you’ll find that the hair color fades much more quickly when you have hard water.

6.    Another hair challenge for both women and men is hair loss. Hair breakage and hair thinning due to blockage at the follicles are other consequences of showering in hard water.

So, as you can see, poor water quality is usually discussed from a health and appearance perspective. But, we should also consider the negative effects on our skin and hair. We encourage you to invite us to analyze your water. It’s free where applicable and it’s a no obligation way to discover your water quality. Remember, it’s about your family’s overall health. Request a free Central Florida water analysis today!


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