Gas, Water, and Oil

Osceola Water QualityHere are some friendly suggestions for car and other vehicle enthusiasts who regularly perform maintenance at home:

  • It may seem cynical to the grass, but washing your car or boat on the lawn or other surface other than the driveway can minimize the amount of dirty, soapy water that could flow into the storm drain and eventually into the local waterbody.
  • Check cars, boats, motorcycles, and other machinery and equipment for leaks and spills. Use absorbent material like cat litter and sand to clean up spilled fluids to avoid rinsing them into the storm drain.
  • Recycle used oil and other automotive fluids at a nearby qualifying service station. Don’t dispose these chemicals in your trash or let them wash down a storm drain.

Remember that it is always a good idea to have your water tested regularly. A little preventative measure now can save the repercussions down the road. Contact Sci-Chem Water Treatment at 407-301-4655.


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