Free Water Analysis For Seniors

Free water analysis for SeniorsAlthough we are nearly past the hottest weather in Central Florida, dehydration can still be a problem, especially for Seniors! Today’s seniors are living longer and are living healthier lifestyles and exercising more. Staying hydrated can be a challenge especially when the water tastes or smell bad.

Dehydration in seniors is actually easy to prevent. Senior citizens should drink 5-8 glasses of pure water daily and include fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. The total water weight for an adult between the ages of 61 and 74 is on average 43% for a woman and 51% for a man.

To maintain good health it is important for them to drink good quality water. We recommend allowing Sci-Chem Water Treatment to perform a free water analysis so we can help bring the highest quality water possible water into the home.

At all times we ensure respect, safety and honesty and invite seniors to invite relatives or friends to the home while we perform the water analysis. We want to help make life healther, safer and more enjoyable with clean and delicious water for all Seniors in Central Florida! Call us at (407) 957-2546 today or visit us at


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