Drink More Water… And Drink More Water!

Water causes healthy skinMost everyone has heard the drink more water mantra. However, there are still those who resist this and are not typically seen with a glass or bottle of water. Some like to argue that their drinks of choice such as; soda, coffee, tea, juices, sports drinks and even beer are all consist of water. Research is proving that drinking an adequate amount of clean, purified water each day contributes to countless health benefits.

Here are some basic facts about drinking water every day:

Hydration – A great way to get your fluid intake is through water which has no calories, carbohydrates, fat or sugar. Water keeps the body well hydrated, keeping each cell in the body fully functional.

Fatigue – Not ingesting an adequate amount of water can strain your cells, which then causes fatigue and the beginning of dehydration.

Stress On The Heart – If the actual level of water in your body is low, there is actually a drop in blood volume, which causes the heart to strain in pumping oxygenated blood. If your heart is working harder to complete its basic function, other organs suffer and can be damaged.

Headaches – Headaches and migraines are usually brought on by a lack of water in  your system – that’s called dehydration. Instead of reaching for your pain medicine to mask the sympton, try drinking a few glasses of water first. Study after study shows that drinking more water reduces migraines and headaches.

Toxins In The Body– Water acts as a naturally detoxifier in the body. Water efficiently flushes out the toxins in your body, enhancing kidney function and reducing mineral deposits, which can lead to kidney stones.

Clean And Healthy Skin – Water keeps blood flow strong, which manifests as younger looking skin. Water replenishes our skin tissue, keep its elastic nature vibrant. With an adequate amount of water your skin will feel moisturized, soft, glowing and alive. Water us a natural wrinkle fighter, which for most of us is a great reason to drink water!


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