Disinfecting Your Water

osceola drinking waterFor someone who drinks regularly from tap, the last thing anyone wants is for that readily available source to make them sick. Boiling water is always the first recommendation during an emergency as it will absolutely destroy bacteria and microorganisms, but it uses a lot of energy, time, and changes the taste of water. And while most people think of chlorine use in swimming pools, it is often used as a disinfectant in water systems too, but it too leaves a noticeable taste.

Drinking from a bottled source offsets the tap issue but it can be costly daily and creates waste with all of those plastic bottles. Fortunately Sci-Chem Water Treatment offers solutions for your tap, including the use of a reverse osmosis system. It eliminates the extra step of pouring water into a container first to be purified and can be used not just for drinking water, but for ice cubes and even baby formulas. Call us today at 407-301-4655 or contact us HERE. Let the most experienced and honest water conditioning service in Central Florida bring you the cleanest and best tasting water straight to your cup.


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