A Simple Fun and Silly Straw Can Help The Kids Drink Water!

Healthy Drinking water In KissimmeeThese days our culture is blanketed with a multitude of marketing strategies for every product you can imagine. Food and Beverages are no exception making choosing healthy often challenging. With a seemingly unending amount of choices when it comes to beverages for our kids, how do we get them to drink what is obviously the healthiest drink of all… clean and pure water.

Water may be the healthiest way to quench the thirst of both the young and old, but kids may not think it’s as fun as other drink, and with all the marketing it’s an uphill battle. Well, Sci-Chem is all about healthy drinking water so we have a simple suggestion. Change their perceptions by adding a fun and silly straw. It’s easy to find all kinds of different designs online and at an affordable price. Keep their straws fresh and they’ll stay refreshed!

Next time you are out shopping at your favorite local food store, take a few minutes to look for some silly straws. You’ll be amazed how the kids will look at drinking water in a different way. We are Central Florida drinking water specialists. We’ve spent many years providing homes and businesses with healthy, clean and pure water. if you’re using well water in your home or business call the best to ensure that it is safe and enjoyable. If you want your kids to drink that healthy water… consider silly straws!

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