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free water testWhen your home’s main water source is a well, it is a good idea to get the water tested on a regular basis. There are plenty of reasons to get this type of testing done by professionals. While those who use a city or municipal source of water should not have the same type of concerns about their water, those who rely on wells should definitely consider a water test. The importance of water testing should not be overlooked: routine water well testing can keep you and your family safe from potentially serious health problems.

Why is water testing so important?

The most basic reason for water testing is to make sure your home’s water is safe for consumption. Your well is not monitored by any state or federal agency, so the responsibility falls on you to make sure your water is safe to use and drink. Water testing can show you if there is an abundance of contaminants in your well. For example, if you live in an area with a great deal of agriculture, you will want to be sure sure that nitrates and pesticides leached into the soil and contaminated your well water.

If you are using  well water should request a free water analysis from an experienced water treatment company like Sci-Chem Water Treatment, and your well should be tested on a yearly.

Here are things you may notice that should signify it’s wise for a free water analysis:

  • You notice a change in your water quality, like in smell or taste.
  • People in your home are suffering from an illness that may have originated in your water.
  • Your area experiences a large flood or storm that might have affected the water quality.
  • You recently had some type of maintenance or repair work done on your well.
  • There is a pregnant woman or an infant under the age of six months living in your home.

Would you like to learn more about the importance of water testing? Call Sci-Chem Water Treatment at (407) 957-2546 or contact us for a Free Water Analysis and Estimate.


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