3 Factors That Determine Your Home’s Water Softener

Purified Water In Osceola CountyIf you suspect you have hard water and have been seriously considering having a home water softener system installed, you may be wondering how we determine your water softening solution.  Sci-Chem Water Treatment uses the following factors when making our recommendation by:

  1. professionally testing your water’s iron and hardness level
  2. calculating your family’s water usage based on the number of household members
  3. considering what features you want to fit your budget based on household demands

Every installation can be very different and therefore requires a highly trained professional in order to correctly determine what equipment will perform best. We enjoy taking the time it takes to explain what equipment we recommend and why we feel it’s the best choice available.

Call us at 407.301.4655 today for a free water analysis. Sci-Chem Water Treatment will work diligently to correct your water problems and bring back excellence in water to you life!



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