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reverse osmosisl systems from Sci-ChemReverse Osmosis drinking water systems provide sparkling, clear water straight from the faucet in your Central Florida home without the daily cost and waste of bottled water. Reverse osmosis water is ideal for everything from drinking water, ice cubes and baby formulas to humidifiers, steam irons and aquariums.

A Sci-Chem Reverse Osmosis system uses the most sophisticated filtration technology to deliver the best water possible. We offer fast recovery systems that refill your tank quickly and produce enough water for all your needs. As water enters the reverse osmosis system, it flows through three stages of treatment to reduce dissolved solids, impurities and contaminants. The three stages of treatment are prefilter, membrane and final polish.

The Prefilter Stage: During this initial stage, larger particles such as silt, scale and rust are removed, extending the life of your system and allowing the semi permeable membrane to attack the smaller particles.

The Membrane Stage: Throughout the middle stage, the reverse osmosis membrane allows hydrogen and oxygen to pass through the microscopic pores. Any dissolved solids which were too small to be caught during the prefilter stage are removed and flushed to the drain.

The Final Polish Stage: – This final phase stores the clean water after it flows from the membrane to the holding tank until you turn on your faucet. Before the water is dispensed, it flows through this final stage of filtration. An activated carbon filter removes any remaining tastes and odors, delivering the freshest and cleanest water possible.

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