Commercial Water Treatment

chillerService Calls
Your Sci-Chem, LLC. Water Treatment Representative will make periodic service calls at your plant to analyze all pertinent waters, check in-plant testing results and operating procedures, then make recommendations on our Service Report. These recommendations cover chemical feed, blow-down and bleed-off, softener/de-mineralizer operation, de-aerator performance, in-plant testing, and anything else needed to make the water treatment program successful. Copies of your Service Report will be sent to and discussed with responsible personnel as requested. In addition we will advise you concerning system and equipment operation to allow maximum effectiveness and economy with your use of Sci-Chem, LLC. Water Treatment products.

Training and Testing
To regulate chemical dosages and blow-down (or bleed) we recommend and will help you institute procedures and training for your personnel in monitoring and testing.

Consultation Privileges
We stand ready and available to consult on any water related problems.

Equipment Inspections
Our representative would like to be present during insurance inspections for added insight into the effectiveness of treatment programs. During shutdowns, your Sci-Chem, LLC. Water Treatment Representative will inspect your systems to evaluate the success of the program. Should there be any deposits, we can have them analyzed. A written report of the inspection findings will be furnished.

Certified Laboratory
As a backup to field analysis, we maintain a relationship with an environmental laboratory certified in the State of Florida in accordance with the State and Federal EPA standards.

OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets are sent with every shipment of chemical products to assure proper operator safety and handling procedures. All drums are extensively labeled. On-site safety instruction and/or safety seminars are available per your request.

Corrosion Studies
Corrosion Ttest coupons are available for condensate, closed and cooling systems. These provide the corrosion rate in mils per year for evaluation of treatment programs.

De-aerator Efficiency
Dissolved oxygen tests will be made to determine de-aerator efficiency where necessary. Recommendations will be provided to improve de-aerator performance.

Corrosion Rate
Sci-Chem Water Treatment provides corrosion rate monitoring using polarigraphic corrosion measuring equipment.

osceolawater2Energy Conservation
Sci-Chem Water Treatment employs boiler efficiency monitors to test fuel/air ratios for maximum energy and percentage efficiency adjustments. By adjusting burner controls, complete combustion and maximum energy efficiency can be obtained.

Equipment Inspections
We always prefer to be present during any insurance inspections for added insight into the effectiveness of the treatment programs. During shutdowns, your Sci-Chem Water Treatment representative will inspect your systems to evaluate the success of the program. Should there be any deposits, we can have them analyzed. A written report of the inspection results will be supplied to you in a timely fashion.

Sci-Chem Water Treatment will help to educate plant personnel in basic water treatment, chemical control, testing and safe handling of all treatment chemicals supplied. This can be in the form of on-site instruction and/or seminar

Experience with Availability and Accessibility
Consultation services from Sci-Chem Water Treatment is always available. If the need should arise, the engineering staff of our suppliers and laboratories can be available for the solution to any challenge or question that might arise.

Sci Chem Water Treatment will offer the use of newer and more effective state-of-the-art chemicals and techniques of water treatment as soon as they are introduced and proven to be successful.

Rapid or On-Line De-scale
Controlled inhibited acid cleaning may be used for rapid deposit removal in heat exchange equipment or on-line de-scale programs are available to slowly remove accumulated deposits without a forced outage for equipment cleaning. Sci-Chem, LLC. Water Treatment will help you determine which program is appropriate for your needs.

Drum-Less Chemical Feed System
Chemicals are solid or highly concentrated liquids and are diluted by use of a dissolver station. No more disposing of drums.

Chemical Feed System Design
Chemical feed and storage systems are designed to meet the specific needs of each facility. "Hands-free" Chemical Feed systems help eliminate operator contact with water treatment chemicals. Double containment is an integral element of this advanced system.

Double Containment
Sci-Chem Water Treatment will design a double containment program to protect against accidental leakage of hazardous materials and to control spills.

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