Why is Water Quality Important?

drinkwaterIf you’re a human you need water for proper body function. If you are an adult, your body is losing about 10 glasses of water daily. Good water quality has a huge impact on all of us since the human body is composed of about 67% water. Here are some interesting facts about the human body.

  • Your brain is about 85% water.
  • Your blood is about 79% water.
  • Your muscles are approximately 74% water.
  • Your bones are about 22% water.
  • Your teeth contain about 10% water.

The next time you take a drink of water, consider the quality of that water and what you’re exposing your body to before you take a drink. Do you know if your water contains chemicals, minerals and microorganisms. Do you want that circulating to every cell in your body?

Sci-Chem, LLC’s staff is trained to perform a comprehensive water test to ensure, clarity, purity and overall safety in your home or business water supply. Our concerns for safety, our environment, our customers, and continuous improvement of our products and services are unequaled in the market place today.

From superior analysis of your water to excellence in installation and customer service, you’ll find your experience with Sci-Chem to be the finest in the industry. Call 407.301.4655 today for your free water analysis.


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