Treating Your City Water

citywatersystemsIf you are paying for your water and have a water meter, we qualify that as “city water.”

Sci-Chem has water conditioning systems specifically designed for city water that work for your entire home and systems that will fit directly under your sink. They come with a drinking water faucet for easy filling and the ability to attach the water line to any refrigerator. This will provide you with filtered ice cubes and furified water right from the refrigerator door and will remove many contaminants including bad taste, chemical odors, yellow coloring and water hardness.

Reverse Osmosis systems fit conveniently underneath your kitchen sink and are our most popular drinking water systems we install in “city water” homes. This type of water filter purifies the water more efficently than any other type of filtration system available. We carry a full line of premium carbon filters that are designed to remove bad taste and chemicals while still leaving certain minerals for taste. Our drinking water systems are affordable and are customizable according to your specific need.

With over 20 years of experience in treating city water in the Central Florida area Sci-Chem has gained the knowledge and experience to be able to provide you with the most effective methods of providing purified water for you and your family or business.

For more information on Sci Chem’s Water Treatment systems for your home or business in Osceola County, call 407-301-4655 or simply click here now. 


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