There’s Hope for Your Well Water!

fleckIf you’re a resident of Osceola, Orange or Polk county with a well, you’ve got some unique challenges with your water. Common issues residents experience with their well water include bad odor in the water (rotten egg smell), rust stain build up on appliances, shower tiles and on drinking cups, discolored water, iron and severe hardness.

Sci-Chem’s Central Florida well water filtration systems are designed to handle any problem you may have with your well water. No matter the challenge, Sci-Chem handles it all and can find the correct solution.

With almost 20 years treating Central Florida’s well water, we’ve seen nearly every water issue possible and understand the most effective solutions. Whether its Osceola County, South Orange County or North East Polk County we can solve your water challenge efficiently. We install pumps, pressure tanks and all the filtration required to give you the finest quality of water possible. Each well water customer has a specific need, so we analyize, strategize and make recommendations specific to your need.

Sci-Chem also services and repairs nearly all types of well water equipment. We repair or replace pumps, loss of water or water pressure issues, and any water quality issues you may be having. We have well water systems maintenance programs and deliver salt monthly. Ask about our affordable preventative maintenance monthly service.

We always consider effectiveness and budget when designing a system and make sure that we are communicating efficiently throughout the process!

Complete our simple free water analysis form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


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