Reverse Osmosis – From Tap Water to Pure Water

reverseosmosisA reverse osmosis water system is a water purification system that removes 90-99% of tap water impurities and dissolved minerals. It’s a popular, simple and affordable solution to improve the taste, odor and appearance of your drinking water by flushing away the pollutants and dissolved minerals from your water.

The water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane in the reverse osmosis system via the household water pressure which then allows only the water to pass through while the impurities and contaminates are flushed down the drain. This type of water treatment system does not require energy to work and will last for many years if properly maintained.

To determine if your Central Florida home and drinking water can benefit from this type of water purification system or if a whole house water conditioning system would better address your water issues, call Sci-Chem 407.301.4655 for your free in-home water analysis today.

Sci-Chem always considers effectiveness and budget when designing a system. We make sure that we are communicating efficiently throughout the process!

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