Pool Water and Hard Water Damage Your Hair

Beautiful woman standing in swimming pool under the waterfall

You might think that water is good for your hair. However, swimming and shampooing with hard water can actually do a number on your hair and even damage it by drying it out. Your hair is vulnerable when wet because even normal healthy hair can absorb up to 31% of its weight in water.

The minerals that are dissolved in hard water build up on your skin and hair leaving it feeling dry, dull and weighed down.  And the chlorine used in swimming pools can strip your hair’s natural oils making your hair dry and brittle.

Although you can’t remove the pool’s chlorine, you can wet your hair and add a little conditioner before swimming and then make sure you rinse your hair once you’re out of the pool.  Of course, the best way to rinse your hair would be with softened water.

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