Is An “Entire Home Water Filtration System” Worth It?

In Home Water Conditioning OsceolaIf that’s not enough to make you reconsider how much you purchase drinking water in plastic bottles, let’;s talk expense. If the average family of four drinks water from disposable plastic bottles, they are spending up to $3,000 a year in water. If that same family decided to invest in a cooler and water delivery they can be spending around $600 a year.

The other option and the most cost effective option is to have a water filtration system installed into your home. This eliminates the need for water bottles and no more big heavy bottles to store and move around.

Here are some of the benefits that come when you invest in a water filtration system:

Control of Water Quality
When you have a filtration system you know the source of your water and how its getting into your glass. You alos have control over the basic maintenance of your water filtration system. TYour drinking water is not being mass packaged in a large plant,  processed with unknown chemicals and then delivered to a retail store for purchase. Your drinking water, and all your water for that matter, is out of your very own faucet – whuich has passed through your water filtartion system.

You Control the Amount of Water Per Serving
The amount of water that you get when you purchase plastic bottled water is determined for you. There are times when we simply don’t want an entire bottle of water, so we waste the water, our money and contribute unnecessary amounts of plastic in our waste systems. Having an entire home water system allows you to drink what you need and with reusable drinking bottles, you’re not adding to waste.

Professionally Installed Water Filtration System
Sci Chem has the solution for you with numerous water filtration and softening methods. We tailor your system according to the condition of your water. You’ll save money,  you’ll save time and you’ll be using responsible thinking in how you obtain clean, safe and delicious water for you and your family.

Call us today at 407.301.4655 or contact us here now. We are one of the most experienced and trusted water conditioning installation companies in Central Florida. 


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