Clean Drinking Water… What’s Your Choice?

Osceola Water TreatmentAs a water treatment professional, I find myself in frequent discussions about water… surprise! I’m not talking about while I’m consulting a client or a a potential client, I’m talking about when I’m amongst friends and family. They know I know water, and everyone needs water, so it just naturally just comes up in conversation.

Typically people discuss the taste, color and the odor of their water. I expect that since those are the obvious points about water. However, people also ask about safety and how their water potentisally affects thei health and the health of their family.

We all know that bottled water is now part of our culture. It’s everywhere… that’s a good thing because we all need to drink more water… and less soda, but it’s an expense we could all do without. I personally love the convenience when I’m out of the house, but I don’t like the expense.

Many people like bottled water because of the taste. The actual taste of water has to do with the way it is treated and where the water originates from. Most bottled water comes from a ground water source, where water quality varies little from day to day. It typically comes from a specific or consistent source, or bottling plant –  so the water may actually taste more consistent taste than tap water, which usually comes from surface sources and of course travels through a myriad of pipes – including the ones in your house.

Tap water that doesn’t run through a home-based water treatment system may be disinfected with chlorine, chloramine, ozone, or ultraviolet light. Public water treatment usually consists of chlorine and chloramine because they are effective and inexpensive, and they continue to disinfect as water travels through water pipes.

Bottled water is typically disinfected using ozone, ultraviolet light or chlorine dioxide. Ozone is preferred by bottlers, even though it’s more expensive than chlorine, because it does not leave a taste and there is no disinfectant left in the water sealed in the bottle or container. Untreated water will of course will have the taste of its original source.

As I tell everyone…  treating your home or business’ water means you’ll save money, prevent water born illness and protect your home or business investment by preventing appliance damage. It’s just that simple. No matter how you feel about bottled water versus home treated water… hard water can wreak terrible havoc on your appliances like the washing machine, dishwasher, toilets and sinks.  Without water treatment, your health and the health of every member of your family that suffers from poor water quality. It really matters. I recommend a free water analysis when applicable. Let Sc-Chem let you know what your water’s condition is. We’re here to help.


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