Hard Water and Your Laundry

Washing machine isolated on the white background with clipping path.

Do you pull your freshly laundered towels from your dryer only to find that they are stiff and scratchy? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your clothes are graying or yellowing and those stubborn stains are still there no matter how much detergent and laundry additive you use in your washing machine? The cause is most likely hard water and it can cost you money in laundry products, replaced fabrics and clothing not to mention what it’s doing to your washing machine.

Laundry additives are usually added along with the detergent during the wash cycle which helps to break down the minerals found in hard water. The problem comes once the water is drained from the machine, the hard water returns during the rinse cycle, undoing much of the work of the additive. You are literally, throwing your hard earned money down the drain.

The more permanent solution to your hard water issues is to let Sci-Chem install a whole home water softener which will allow you to use less detergent, get better cleaning results and increase the lifespan of your washer and other water-using appliances. From superior analysis of your water to excellence in installation and customer service, you’ll find your experience with Sci-Chem to be the finest in the industry.

For more information on Sci Chem’s Water Treatment systems for your home or business in Osceola County, call 407-301-4655 or simply click here now. 


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