18 Tips on Water Conservation Inside Your Home

water-drop-on-water_f1Q2RUtd 2April is Water Conservation Month in Florida and because water is the most precious resource on our planet, Sci-Chem Water Treatment wanted to share with you 18 tips on what you can do to conserve water inside your home.

  1. Monitor your water bill routinely for unusually high usage.
  2. Repair your leaky toilets.
  3. Replace toilet flappers that are not closing properly.
  4. Discard used tissues in the waste basket instead of the toilet.
  5. Upgrade older toilets to water-saving toilets.
  6. Take shorter showers.
  7. Install water-saving shower heads and low-flow faucet aerators.
  8. Examine faucets and pipes for leaks.
  9. Collect tap water from running water you’re waiting to heat up to water your house plants and and feed your pets.
  10. Store a pitcher with drinking water in your refrigerator instead of running the tap to get cool water.
  11. Start a compost pile as an alternative to using the garbage disposal.
  12. Rinse your fruit and vegetables in the sink in a large bowl of water and then use it to water plants.
  13. Run the dishwasher when it’s completely full.
  14. Scrape scraps from dishes rather than rinsing them before going in the dishwasher
  15. Allow pots and pans to soak in a sink full of water before washing.
  16. Operate your washing machine with a full load of clothes.
  17. Don’t let the water run while washing your hands or brushing your teeth.
  18. Plug your bathroom sink and rinse your razor in the water when shaving.

Together, we can all do our part to preserve this life-giving resource.

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