10 Healthy Ingredients to Jazz Up Your Drinking Water

Lemon WaterWater is the single most fundamental nutrient for a healthy body but it can be challenging to stay adequately hydrated.  Adding these healthy ingredients can jazz up your water and make it fun to drink.

  1. Fresh mint both freshens your breath and treats mild nausea and indigestion
  2. Sliced cucumber has a cooling affect and fights inflammation
  3. Sliced lemon or lime flushes toxins, aids in digestion and boosts immunity
  4. Sliced apples aids in weight loss, boost immunity and flushes toxins
  5. Sliced fresh ginger aids in digestion
  6. Herbal teas help relaxation and relieve stress
  7. Fresh berries are rich in antioxidants that boost the immune system
  8. Fresh ground cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and increase the metabolism
  9. Honey is a natural sweetener and helps prevent infection
  10. Grapefruit flushes toxins, improves digestion, helps lower cholesterol, aids in weight loss

Of course, when you begin with the best tasting water it will be easier to transform your water into these delicious and fun drinks in whatever combination you desire. Have fun experimenting with different combinations just make sure you allow the ingredients to infuse into your water in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to get the full benefit.

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